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Posted by agouzaapartment on July 31, 2010 at 3:35 PM

To combat Cairo’s increasing temperatures in the summer and recently some parts of the Fall & Spring, the apartment has four air conditioners. Apart from the ones in every bedroom there is one in the living room. Turning the air conditioners on and off is a straight forward job.Although they hardly reflect the latest technology in systems cooling  they all work well and do the job they promise to do.


Here are few tips to avoid problems with electricity while using the A/Cs

  • Avoid turning all the air conditioners at the same time as this will create a sudden over load to the main supply and may result in electricity cut. To avoid electricity shortage, take 15-20 mins between turning one A/C and the other, this way the system can accommodate the increasing need with no short comings.
  • Also it is advisable to only turn a maximum of 3 out of 4 A/Cs at one time. This is to avoid extensive overloading.
  • Also while using the washing machine no more than 2 A/Cs should be turned on at the same time.  

In the case of unexpected and sudden electricity cut in the whole apartment or building (this happens in Cairo when there is an overload of electricity use- often on hot summer nights while everyone is using A/Cs in full force) turn off all the machines immediately. This is so when the electricity is back all the machines will be turned on at the same time which will be another over load on the system and might cause a relapse..

If you are not an A/C-lover here are a few tricks (apart from using an electric fan) to refresh the air in the house which helps to stay cool in the hottest hours of the day..

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