Agouza Apartment for rent

More about the area where the apartment building is ..

 The apartment building (dates to 1960s) is centrally located with access to a bakery, juice shop;

supermarkets, fast food shops and coffee shops are only a walking distance. 


To the Nile (British Council) 5-7 mins walk

To Zamalek 15 mins walk

To AUC's shuttle bus stop in front of Agouza Hospital 10 min walk


To most central spots in Cairo 15 mins by taxi



To get a better idea about the location of the building and the area view Our Agouza

Apartment on Google map or see the small map below

Interesting places near by*...

 Cairo Jazz Club Great Live Music & Bar 2 minutes away on foot..




British Council interesting free lectures during the academic year, library for renting books, music and movies etc. 5 minutes away


Sawi Cultural wheel great cultural center for concerts, exhibitions, movies and performances. 10 minutes away


Shooting club (Nadi el-Saed) specializes in clay pigeon shooting but is also a great green place in urban Cairo. Ideal for letting off some steam, sports (except for use of swimming pool which is exclusive to members) and cheap food & drinks.  It is almost 2 km away and so on average 15-20 minutes on foot. It is ideal during the week in the winter if you are looking for a quite and sunny spot to study, relax or just look at some greenery! (Entrance fees 25 L.E. /day per person for non members-last updated August 2009)

 *Distances covered on foot

More about Agouza..

Agouza is small, thin strip of a neighborhood in Cairo that runs along the west bank of the Nile between the 6th October and 15th May bridge (extracted from the Nile Guide). Administratively it is a district of Giza and it lies north of Dokki and south of Mohandesin districts. The name Agouza (meaning the old one) refers to Nazly Hanem, wife of Sherif Pacha (Prime minister at the time of Mohamed Ali in 1800s), who at the age of 90 decided to build a mosque to fulfill her husband’s wish after his death. Given her old age at that time people referred to the mosque as Al Agouza (after her) and that later became the name of the whole district (extracted from wikipedia).

  Agouza Corniche -on the right - over looking the island Zamalek ( Photo via google image, taken from 26 of July bridge- NOT a view  from the apartment)

Similar to Zamalik and Garden city, Agouza was also known for its private houses and mansions of the Egyptian elites characteristic of 19th and 20th century Cairo. However, unlike its counterparts, and partially due to its proximity to new developed areas such as Mohandseen, Agouza lost most of its historical character to development schemes which saw most of its private houses taken down. You can still see glimpses of its past in pockets of private houses converted to government schools, police stations or public hospitals. 


  The neighborhood today is home to the Egyptian National Circus (which often has shows and still has lion and tiger tamers), the Ballon Theatre (showing Arabic plays) and the British Council in Egypt. Among affluent and famous figures associated with Agouza are Abd el Reheim Pasha Sabry (father of queen Nazli- wife and mother of King Farouk & Fouad respectively) and the Egyptian Nobel prize laureate Nageib Mahfouz (1911-2006).



Agouza's residents today are mostly middle class Egyptians, although in some parts you can see a  mix of upper-middle class residences (over looking the Nile) as well as patches of working class residences.